Attention: If you're a Christian recovering from a breakup...

"You Can Turn Back The Clock
On Any Relationship In Two Weeks...
No Matter How Messy The Breakup Was!"

Dear Friend,

If you've been waiting for that perfect opportunity to rekindle your relationship with your ex... obsessing over their smile or the warmth of their touch... fantasizing about ways you could heal their heart and bring them back to you...

I have some distressing news.

The clock is ticking.

The more time passes after a breakup, the greater the chances are that it will be permanent. The world is busy, and it can be very easy to forget the special songs, the whispered promises, and the heartfelt moments that drew you together in the first place.

With God Behind You book

If you're serious about restoring the spark to your relationship, and you want the romance of your dreams, and nothing you've tried has worked so far, you need to move quickly.

With God Behind You is a 2 week plan packed with 54 pages of vital information you need to reconcile and strengthen your relationship.

Five minutes from now, you're going to own a step by step roadmap that anybody can use in their efforts to reunite with an ex, using the tested and proven messages of the Bible.

Of course, if you'd rather do things the hard way, you can agonize over what you're doing wrong, struggle with loneliness and rejection, and walk the long, rocky road to reconciliation.


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But I don't think anyone deserves that kind of pain.

A breakup is a very delicate experience, and in my experiences as a counselor, many Christians don't react in exactly the right way in the face of a breakup. They're either too passive, going out to be by themselves and hoping to "let go and let God", completely neglecting their ex and hoping they'll be "divinely inspired" to rekindle the relationship...

Or they're too aggressive. Begging, pleading, crying out for attention and sympathy... driving your beloved away in the process.

Most secular experts on relationships will advise a "cooling off" period so that both partners can mentally recover from the shock of breaking up. That's sound advice, but unfortunately, many of these self proclaimed experts go a step further and advise that you spend time chasing other men (or women), partying, and getting in "a little ME time"...


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This kind of advice is unsafe for Christians, and it's unsound for a healthy relationship. The entire purpose of a "cooling off" period is to focus on yourself and learn how to become a better partner. Will spending two weeks drinking, flirting and acting like a selfish moron really make you better equipped to deal with a relationship?

Probably not.

In my experience, there's too much selfishness in relationships as it is. What's sorely lacking is compassion, humility, and the willingness to listen.

What if there were another method, a plan that would...

Make you more attractive to your partner and spiritually align you with the principles of the Bible?

I spent plenty of time looking for one, and despite my best efforts, all I could find were juvenile psychological tricks, casual misogyny, and jockeying for "power in the relationship"... I've done my share of dating, and the strongest and most stress-free relationships I've ever had were ones where we both understood that the ultimate power in the relationship didn't belong to either of us.

With God Behind You is a prayer guide that keeps those principles in mind as you look to get back together with your ex -- whether husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend.


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You don't need to be afraid to take the first step...

Even if you feel like you and the Lord are the only people who want your relationship to work -- that's enough to ensure things work out the way they should. And while there certainly isn't a wrong way to pray as long as you do so with a humble heart (Luke 18:14), many of the people I've talked to have trouble feeling satisfied in their interactions with God.

That feeling is terrible, especially when you're in an emotional ditch and crying out for help...

When you have trouble praying, you feel blocked, unfocused, and completely disconnected with the Divine. This can feel even worse when you think about people like the Apostles and Timothy, men who were given God's voice in their hour of deepest need...

It becomes all too easy to wonder -- "what's wrong with me?"

Well, nothing is. We all have our own weaknesses and burdens. And many of us were taught that prayer was important, but we didn't always get practical details on how to mentally prepare for something so important. But don't worry. You're about to discover...


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How To Instantly Reconnect With God Using The Power Of Prayer...

You'll learn exactly how to pray to get your ex back. Learn the correct posture for prayer, how to eliminate worldly distractions, and how to boldly enter this sacred space. If you've ever associated humble prayer with fear and nervousness, imagine the comfort and confidence you'll feel with the knowledge inside this guide... and how it can extend to every facet of your life.

There are very few people who understand how to walk with God, talk with God, and see His answers in their everyday life, and I promise it will give you a peace of mind that everyone around you will be able to witness.

I guarantee that if you follow this plan, you'll gain the knowledge and understanding you need to know what went wrong in your relationship, the wisdom to know how to fix it, and the strength you need to convince your ex to reconcile.

Let's give a brief sampling of what you'll learn inside With God Behind You:

  • It's difficult to have the "assurance about what [we] do not see" mentioned in Hebrews 11:1. How can we gain it, and what can we do to build it? (Page 23)
  • Was your relationship always on the verge of falling to pieces because of one petty dispute or another? Read Page 40.
  • Unfortunately, many Christians take an immense pride in being burdened. But God (and your ex) won't reward us for even the most well intentioned struggle unless we do this... (Page 25)
  • Two big myths about prayer that scare many people from praying altogether (Pages 4, 5)
  • So, you were in a relationship with an unbeliever. Should you put more effort in pursuing them, or less? (Page 31)
  • Six steps that will ensure every prayer is emotionally and spiritually complete (Page 6 -- or keep reading!)
  • No matter how long or how hard you pray, it's impossible to absorb God's wisdom without _____ (Hint: Many modern Christians were never taught about it) (Page 17)

table of contents

I'll also give you all the details you need on how to approach your ex when the time is right, and what to say to remind them of what they loved about you in the first place. That means you don't need to spend months "testing things out", you don't have to feel confused about what words to use (with your ex or with the Lord -- I'll give you plenty of inspiration), and you won't have to risk your relationship with emotional manipulation.

And obviously, the prayers are the backbone of this book. There are 14 in-depth sessions that will walk you through a list of 6 daily steps to take to ensure that your time in prayer gets you in the right mindset.

  • 1. Entering the Presence of God
    When God speaks to you, are you ready to listen? Every prayer session begins with bringing yourself into sacred space and raising your awareness of the presence of God, and giving yourself to His love.
  • 2. Litany
    How often do you pray? If you haven't done it lately, you might lack the focus needed to pray mentally. The litany is a call and response form of prayer that will put you "in high gear" for speaking out loud to God.
  • 3. Conversation with God
    The conversational section of each day's prayer session is devoted to free prayer. This is when you speak your own thoughts and feelings honestly. The plan includes introductory words to set a topic pertinent to healing your relationship.
  • 4. Lesson and Meaning
    The fourth section of each day's prayers is a lesson taken from Scripture. Read the verses and my commentary and think about what they mean and how they apply to you and your ex personally.
  • 5. Pledge
    Don't pray without taking action. Each day during this course, you will make a promise to God to do something new from now on -- or something old, differently.
  • 6. Thanksgiving
    No prayer is complete without a humble, thankful attitude. The sixth and last section of each day's prayer is devoted to giving thanks and praise. We discuss some serious issues, but you'll always leave with the joyful attitude you need to tackle the day -- or get a good night's sleep.

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I promise that once you finish With God Behind You, you'll be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually equipped to sweep your ex off their feet and start your relationship anew. That's because you won't be working on cheap gimmicks to win them back -- you'll be addressing the real issues that broke you up in the first place.

How much is that kind of power worth to you? The ability to repair any relationship, no matter how bad the transgressions were... and to STRENGTHEN it so that things are even better than they were before. For a limited amount of time, I'm offering With God Behind You at the low price of $29.95.

Click here to buy

Compare it to the costs of therapy, marriage counseling, or a divorce...

And you'll see that this is a value that can't be duplicated. And once you have With God Behind You, you'll be able to use it over and over, long after the crisis in your relationship has ended.

The only risk is waiting too long!

And I want to be the one who takes on that risk, not you. I know there are plenty of "fly by night" rip-offs in the online world, and that's why this 60 Day Money Back Guarantee is so impressive. Read this guide and work through it. If you don't feel it's worked wonders in your life and delivered ten times the value you paid for it, send me an email. I'll return every penny, and you can keep the guide as my personal thanks for giving this method a chance.

If you're a little worried about your privacy, don't be. I don't handle any credit card information (nor do I want to), and everything on this site is discreetly billed by ClickBank, the web's largest and most secure digital product vendor. They use the same encrypted security standard your bank uses when processing your order, so your online information is completely safe. You'll be able to download this book in PDF format within minutes, whether you have a Mac or a PC, even if you're not "a computer person". Or for simple mobile access you can read it online, as easily as you're reading this page.

Please, don't waste a second in repairing your relationship. Like I said earlier... time is running out. You don't need a willing partner yet. All you need is hope and the willpower to repair your relationship -- I'll tell you exactly how to start and what to say.

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Make today one of the most important and memorable days of your life. You can turn the anger and accusations in your relationship back into affection and respect, with God behind you. Please make the commitment today.

Yours In Christ,

Kit Adams

P.S. -- Please remember that you can read With God Behind You completely risk free for two months. If the results don't meet your expectations, write in for a no questions asked refund. But you won't get the safety net of proven results if you stubbornly refuse to take the first step. Won't you get started today?

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